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There was a New Way Stationary Motor inclined to Hit and Miss. It was designed that way but intermittently it would missfire and this in the confines of the beekeepers shed fired my imagination, grabbing my senses. I just loved the sound of the New Way 3.5Hp working - likely fuelled by a too rich mixture.
With each missfire came the tell tale puff of blue smoke and via the old sawbench, the beekeeping manufacturing business was underway, alive and well. Alf was in his element. Romance, nah, hard work but Hoots the New Way went a long way in firing the imagination of times past running in the present. The present, after all, that's where life is, it's not in the past, but romancing the past, that's the present if you're living it.
The priveledge of life. Present and past is now!!! - alive.

Ye Olde Sawbench & New Way Motor kept company by Howard Rotary Hoes

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Way Motor Company - Slogans, Selling and Sales

New Way Motor Company literally worked in a New Age of promotion, promotion, promotion and advertising.

"New Way " Engines were supported by a company that obviously :-
  • Valued good slogans
  • Pitched their sales campaign for the market
  • Valued good product communication - supported by punchy slogans and quotes with claims of superiority, simplicity and excellence
  • Had Motor's that carried names with strong implications and inferences of quality and innovation with names like "New Way", Jewel, Little Giant and Standard. 
Some slogans /sales pitches are classics - lets look at a few QUOTES !!
The "New Way " is the most simple and perfect engine made 
"It is not what you pay but what you get that counts."
The "New Way " Engine "Goes and Goes Right"
"  Quality   Counts  "

The " New Way "engine is built for hard rugged work. It is dependable in all emergencies.
Power with Economy, Simplicity and Durability are obtained by "New Way " users
Learn the "New Way " and do quantity business
It is not wise to sell cheap engines.

"New Way " - "A line in a class by itself - All specialities beyond reach of competition - We invite correspondence."
{ Now that's "New Way " confidence! }
The "New Way " Twin Cylinder Air Cooled Engine is in a class by itself.
"Carburettor - The simplest made, once set rarely needs adjustment"
The "New Way " furnishes Power with Economy

"New Way " is warranted to deliver it's full rated power in summer or winter for any length of time without overheating.
The "New Way " Air Cooled Engines for Gas, Gasoline, Alcohol, Benzine, Distillate, Petrol, Naptha and Kerosene
"New Way " - No Water - Water .... is a constant source of danger and trouble.
The Air Cooled - Multi-purpose "New Way 5 Engines in One
We liken the "New Way " Little Giant to a stick of dynamite -
"because the hidden force in the little engine is truely wonderful"
OK! What of the facility that made the New Way  equipment. Of course as quoted - the best!! 
THE  " New Way  "  FACTORY

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