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There was a New Way Stationary Motor inclined to Hit and Miss. It was designed that way but intermittently it would missfire and this in the confines of the beekeepers shed fired my imagination, grabbing my senses. I just loved the sound of the New Way 3.5Hp working - likely fuelled by a too rich mixture.
With each missfire came the tell tale puff of blue smoke and via the old sawbench, the beekeeping manufacturing business was underway, alive and well. Alf was in his element. Romance, nah, hard work but Hoots the New Way went a long way in firing the imagination of times past running in the present. The present, after all, that's where life is, it's not in the past, but romancing the past, that's the present if you're living it.
The priveledge of life. Present and past is now!!! - alive.

Ye Olde Sawbench & New Way Motor kept company by Howard Rotary Hoes

Sunday, August 18, 2013



Fathoms of Useless water

THE DRIEST CONTINENT - Calls for reliability in the extreme
Australia is a vast country with vast open spaces and much of it desert. In the early days of Australia's European history this called for a "She'll be right mate" when often that was based hoping for the best despite all the evidence to the contrary.

The following is an article from South Australia that in essence expresses this pioneering spirit in Australia. Imagine you are in a dry near desert area where it may not have rained in months or years and you are about to bore for water. You are miles from anywhere "Out beyond the Black Stump", can't afford a breakdown and someone is desperate for water for his stock because there is no surface water.

You head out from Adelaide, the capital, equipped with a boring rig powered by your faithful New Way Engine. And yes you strike water and yes your bore is 1010 Feet deep. Yet look at the hopes involved and dashed at the various stages in this bore and by the contractor. But "what the Heck" it is still a record. But that is "Australia all Over" so enjoy the article and think of the Pioneering Forefathers wherever you or they lived. Miles from anywhere with primitive gear and a truck load of resourcefulness is your best asset.



    Mr. S. M. Campbell, of the  firm of
Horwood  & Co.,  Adelaide,   passed
through Renmark on his way to Ade-
laide  Friday. For some   time   past,
Mr. Campbell with two   assistants
has  been  busy on  Lake  Victoria
station sinking bores in the hope of
striking a flow of fresh water. Up
to date two bores have  been put
down.  The   first  at “  Butcher s  ”
was abandoned at 300 feet, the water
showing  no less than  ten  ounces of
salt to the gallon at that depth.  An
underground salt stream had been
encountered. The second bore was
put down near Nulla, and at a
depth of 1010 feet three ounce water
was obtainined. Three ounce water
if there are no other solids but pure
salt, is always considered suitable for
sheep.  Unfortunately  the  Nulla
water  was found  to contain  soda.
      Mr. Campbell is very hopeful that
a  real  good  supply  of stock water
may yet  be  found  at  Nulla, and   is
most  anxious to jcontinue  boring oper-
ations to a greater depth.  He is of
opinion that good, stock water may
be  found. There has been  noticed an
improvement  in the Nulla bore water
since the 800 feet level was reached.
At 900 feet  three ounce water  rose
to within nine feet of the surface.
        Mr.  Campbell has had much ex-
perience in boring operations. He
has sunk for and discovered the pre-
cious metal in Western  Australia.
He has searched the dry Mallee coun-
try and not in vain, for  good stock
water. Before the Browns Well to
Paringa line was commenced  Mr.
Campbell was deputed  to find water,
if possible, along the proposed routes,
and  the  bores at Wanbi (which only
goes one quarter of an ounce) and
many other places  testify to his skill.
All Mr. Campbell's plants are driven
by  a   six  h.p. "New Way”  engine;
“They are very reliable,” says   Mr.
Campbell.  The  1010 feet at Nulla is

a record for this engine.

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