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There was a New Way Stationary Motor inclined to Hit and Miss. It was designed that way but intermittently it would missfire and this in the confines of the beekeepers shed fired my imagination, grabbing my senses. I just loved the sound of the New Way 3.5Hp working - likely fuelled by a too rich mixture.
With each missfire came the tell tale puff of blue smoke and via the old sawbench, the beekeeping manufacturing business was underway, alive and well. Alf was in his element. Romance, nah, hard work but Hoots the New Way went a long way in firing the imagination of times past running in the present. The present, after all, that's where life is, it's not in the past, but romancing the past, that's the present if you're living it.
The priveledge of life. Present and past is now!!! - alive.

Ye Olde Sawbench & New Way Motor kept company by Howard Rotary Hoes

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Way Motor Company - Engine Outfits - "Motor Order Options"

New Way Motor Company produced Motors that were generally defined by Series/Model/Type. Outfit Numbers were used for sales in dealerships to define optioning of their motors for ordering and used in the field of ignition, means of lubrication and "New Way" engine attachments.(eg Saw, Mixer, Pump, Spray Pump etc)
In other words the New Way Outfit Number (alpha numeric code) was related to the optioning of a total sales package of which the motor HP was just a part. Ref table below for examples of Outfit Number usage.
1st digit
  • "K" Outfit indicates Dry Cell battery Ignition fitted
  • "L" Outfit indicates a combination of "New Way" friction magneto and dry cells
  • "M" Outfit indicates Bosch High Tension Ignition
2nd Digit - HP of outfit - eg 2 =2½Hp 
3rd Digit - Skid mounted outfit "0"  or  Wheeled Hand Truck mounted outfit "1"
Further Digits (if used) - Relate to the outfit attachment if fitted (eg Saw)

Please note the use of outfit "M" should in no way be confused with Series "M" New Way motors. They are separate entities.
Further details are obtainable in the New Way D-11 Catalogue, available for purchase on the internet etc..

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