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There was a New Way Stationary Motor inclined to Hit and Miss. It was designed that way but intermittently it would missfire and this in the confines of the beekeepers shed fired my imagination, grabbing my senses. I just loved the sound of the New Way 3.5Hp working - likely fuelled by a too rich mixture.
With each missfire came the tell tale puff of blue smoke and via the old sawbench, the beekeeping manufacturing business was underway, alive and well. Alf was in his element. Romance, nah, hard work but Hoots the New Way went a long way in firing the imagination of times past running in the present. The present, after all, that's where life is, it's not in the past, but romancing the past, that's the present if you're living it.
The priveledge of life. Present and past is now!!! - alive.

Ye Olde Sawbench & New Way Motor kept company by Howard Rotary Hoes

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Australian New Way Air Cooled Engine Agents

Further Australian Production and Distribution Update

Australian New Way Engine Production.
By 1922 Horwoods had been producing New Way 4.5 Hp engines in volume for some time. This company was located in Adelaide, capital, of South Australia. The company was recognised as one of the largest producers of Agricultural Equipment in Australia and probably in the Southern Hemisphere with very large Manufacturing plant and Foundary facilities.

Mid 1922 the "Australian Made" New Way 4.5 Hp Engine was being advertised as far away as Sydney, capital of New South Wales. It is interesting to note that only the 4.5 Hp is advertised by the agents which complies with the Horwoods production claims of just the 4.5 Hp production at that time.

In the following extract from the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper for the "Australian New Way" says it all.
For those of you not familiar with Australian terminology etc :-

  • "OUT BACK" is the sparsely populated inland areas of Australia, much of it desert.
  • Sydney is about 850 miles due east from Adelaide and in those times by to-days standards separated by appalling roads.
  • Armstrong - Holland were a heavy plant Manufacturer in Mascot, Sydney and built Australia's first Diesel Powered Drag line excavator of unit steel construction in 1930. That said they were obviously well suited as sole "Sydney" agents for the "Australian New Way"
  • Sydney Morning Herald - Current audience 4.8 mil.largest in Aust.

The puzzle is coming together. We have builder and agents promoted across Australia for the 4.5 h.p. vertical.
Now we need to find who made the 1.5 Australian New Way Pump Engine. The facts of this enterprise is certainly proving elusive.
Bare Facts are conclusive - a 1.5 h.p. Pump Engine built using Australian Materials and Workmanship.

We are going to add this to the previous post (click) so much of the related research detail is together.


  1. Very interesting post about the air cooled engines!

  2. That is for sure. The fact that New Way Engines were made in Australia, obviously through some sort of permit or manufacture arrangement from the developers "New-Way Motor Company" in Lansing Michigan, has been a surprise to many New Way Enthusiasts. That said Horwoods of Adelaide were very enthusiastic agents of these engines and sold thousands, so it is to be expected that they might set up their plant to manufacture here in Australia.