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There was a New Way Stationary Motor inclined to Hit and Miss. It was designed that way but intermittently it would missfire and this in the confines of the beekeepers shed fired my imagination, grabbing my senses. I just loved the sound of the New Way 3.5Hp working - likely fuelled by a too rich mixture.
With each missfire came the tell tale puff of blue smoke and via the old sawbench, the beekeeping manufacturing business was underway, alive and well. Alf was in his element. Romance, nah, hard work but Hoots the New Way went a long way in firing the imagination of times past running in the present. The present, after all, that's where life is, it's not in the past, but romancing the past, that's the present if you're living it.
The priveledge of life. Present and past is now!!! - alive.

Ye Olde Sawbench & New Way Motor kept company by Howard Rotary Hoes

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Way Engine Species - THREATENED or EXTINCT

New Way Motor Company promoted innovation and pushed the idea of advancement thru simplicity. We here, at New Way Station like to think we keep this alive by investigation and information for the New Way Enthusiast World Wide.

We have learn't a lot recently and consequently decided to give a snapshot of the New Way Engine species that are either threatened or extinct in the hope that some entrepreneur or avid collector will spy one and bring it to our attention and more important back into circulation. We don't want to get into a flap on this but there are quite a few species of New Way Engine that aren't represented on the registry.


  • 1905 - New Way Motor company introduced the commercial Air Cooled Engine to the world
    • Belt driven cylinder mounted fans used for forced air cooling
    • Hit and Miss governing
    • Hinged crank case for ready maintenance
  • 1900 Teens - New Way responded demand for Light engines for binders etc
    • Throttle Governed engines introduced into the New Way Species
    • Flywheel Squirrel Cage Fans introduced for forced air cooling
  • 1920s - Flywheel magnetos introduced from Eisemann
    • Compact 2 cylinder Verticals
    • Air Governors 
New Way by the late 1920s had produced in the order of 100,000 engines but despite this incredible number, a World War and looming recession, today some species of New Way appear extinct.

These New Way species very rarely come out in direct sunlight. They stick to undergrowth and are usually hidden in undergrowth, scrub or trees. They also tend to hide in dark corners of barns where they are rarely disturbed. Some times old timers know where they are hiding and for these you need to coax the information out of them as they are reluctant to give away all their secrets. But !! once coaxed these old timers are usually  proud as punch and more than willing to help. You may even find them looking over your sholder on the big day.

Let people know about the, at risk or possibly extinct New Way Species. Put the word out to be on the look out in the dark corners of sheds and barns and decrepit buildings for anything that looks old and has cast rings on the outside of the cylinder and you're on your way. 

What might be extinct - Have a look here in the chart.
Click image to magnify!!

If you get on the track of one of these threatened species they may smell of old oil and become VERY addictive. A girlfriend or a wonderful wife is one of the best and most effective treatments to prevent the addiction becoming too serious. With severe addiction you may, like the old engine take to hiding in dark corners of barns or sheds.

Happy Hunting
Give your mate a cuddle

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